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Woodbury Field Phase 2 Consultation Results

A consultation was undertaken find out what the community would like for Phase 2 and to ensure that the improvements reflect the needs of the community and that St Stephen Parish Council make the best use of resources. This comprised an online consultation survey via Survey Monkey which was active for the whole of May and a consultation workshop at Woodbury Field on 30 May.  The online survey was designed to be more general and to get an overall impression of the priorities of the community. The workshop was intended to be a more direct form of community engagement. We received 260 responses on our online survey and 60 responses at the workshop.

The workshop was an opportunity to increase community engagement in the project, to promote Woodbury as a green space for everyone in the community to enjoy and for residents to have their say. We asked everyone who came along to look at the designs, ask questions and choose what they would most like to see at Woodbury Field. Staff and Councillors Kerry and Whittaker were on hand to talk to members of the community and encourage all who attended to complete a consultation form.

All designs were very popular. The overall response from the community was extremely positive. There were about 4 people who were not in favour of any improvements to the site.

Lots of older children were really excited by the ninja area and teq ball. The majority of people who attended were very enthusiastic, in favour of all the areas and very appreciative of any improvements.

Frequent Comments from online survey-see Q7 below.

1) Comments that we can take onboard and add to design:

  • SEN and accessible play ideas to be attached to new fencing
  • Slide for under 2 year olds
  • Coffee shop/tea shop /ice cream van -ice cream concession possible. There         is one café in Bricket Wood and the Station Café is due to open this year.
  • Car parking- we are investigating options to mitigate parking outside Woodbury Field and in the neighbouring close.

2) Comments that are already part of the design:

  • More seating/picnic tables
  • More bins
  • Pull up bar

3) Comments that we cannot accommodate and why:

  • Toilets-S106 money cannot be used for toilet facilities.
  • Lighting for the evening- parks are not usually lit in the evening and the play area is too near to housing. S106 money cannot be used for lights.
  • More for under 5s and babies- Phase 1 has improved the play equipment for        under 5’s we have taken onboard the requests for a slide for the under 2s.
  • A crossing into Woodbury Field- not part of St Stephen Parish Council remit,         this would come under Highways.  
  • Sandbox-unable to accommodate due to the site and ongoing maintenance required
  • Tennis court- unable to accommodate due to the site.
  • Football/Cricket pitches- addressed as goal ends and cricket markings on goal ends in ball games area. Ground conditions unable to support a football or cricket pitch

Click for the online survey results

Consultation Workshop Responses:

Ninja/ parkour Fitness Ball Games Pump Track Negative comments
Number of responses and percentage of total responses
32 11 14 16 3
42% 14.5% 18.5% 21% 4%