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Parish Council’s role in Planning Applications

St Stephen Parish Council is consulted by St Albans City and District Council on all planning applications in the Parish Council area – Bricket Wood, Chiswell Green and Park Street.

The Parish Council has a Planning and Environment Committee which meets on the second Thursday of the month to consider and comment on planning applications. As with all Parish Council meetings (except Human Resources), members of the press and public are welcome to attend.

St Albans City and District Council issues weekly lists of Planning Applications and these are scrutinised by the SSPC Planning and Environment Committee members. All major planning applications are included on the Planning List for the next meeting as are any which committee members believe are inappropriate or could have a detrimental effect on neighbouring properties or the street scene.

In the majority of cases there is no objection to applications and these will not be included in the planning list.

Members of the public or residents groups can ask for a Planning application to be considered at the next SSPC Planning and Environment Committee, even if the committee was not otherwise intending to do so. Email or call the office on 01923 681443 option 1.

Following the SSPC Planning and Environment committee meeting, any concerns or objections to planning applications are passed back to St Albans City and District Council and these will be taken into consideration by their Planning Officers and Planning Committee when decisions are taken.

If you are interested in a specific planning application and attending the meeting where it is going to be considered, then please contact the Parish Council offices and we will be able to advise if the application has been received and when it will be considered by the Planning Committee.

The Planning Authority, St Albans City & District Council, publishes information on all planning applications in the district on its website here. This includes details of applications, plans, supporting documents, etc, which can be searched by application number or address. There are also links to information on obtaining planning permission and the planning process.

The Planning and Environment Committee is informed and may also express a view on wider planning matters, such as consultations by Government or other organisations, for example the SADC forthcoming new Local Plan.