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The Big Platinum Festival – final details

We can’t wait to welcome residents to our fantastic celebration of the Queen’s reign in our parish, bands will be playing throughout with beacon lighting at 9.35pm and fireworks at 9.55pm

Please walk, cycle, lift share etc as there will be very limited parking at the venue and beyond Midway Surgery car park.  No cars to be left overnight or they will be clamped

👑 bring your own blanket, foldaway chairs or just dance the night away!  There will be no seating provided

💰 please bring cash for some refreshment stalls

🚮 please take litter home or use bins provided

On the stage we have local bands playing a full range of music to suit all!    Please give a warm welcome to:

🎵 Lady & the Tramp – a dress up duo playing favourite musical and cinematic songs

🎵 Starseedz- a singer songwriter pair playing guitar centred indie folk sounds with orchestral tones

🎵 The Brickets – local band playing 50s & 60s sounds from the platinum era of rock and roll!

🎵 Beatroute- fantastic fun 8 member band sure to get the crowd dancing with range of pop songs including a brass section

🎵 Elvis Schmelvis- a local legend in his own right.  Lucky to have him compering the night and performing himself!

Our refreshment stalls are:

🍕 Gracey’s Pizza – freshly made delicious pizza

🍔 Girl Guides – BBQ of burgers and sausages (including vegan option) from locally sourced Hedges Farm

🦙 Lazy Llama – local cafe with range of savoury and sweet foods and a special royal cocktail!

🌮 Westman Foods – bringing range of Latin American and African foods to St Stephen

🍛 Indian delights – our very own Raj Kaur (postmistress) with range of vegetarian samosas and curries

🍺Overdraught- wide range of beers, wine and prosecco

🍸Tipsy Bubbles – fun alcoholic cocktails, range of Gins etc to keep you in the party mood!