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Press release from St Stephen Parish Council

The letter in the Herts Advertiser dated 07-09-23 from Richard Curthoys expresses his personal views and not those of St Stephen Parish Council. The council has not formally discussed the issue of the closure of the High Street in St Albans by Hertfordshire County Council but does recognise that it has been controversial.

It is not the practice of St Stephen Parish Council to criticise elected members or officers of other authorities and the council can confirm that Richard Curthoys is in breach of its Media Protocol and Code of Conduct. His letter, had it been sent on behalf of St Stephen Parish Council, would have been in breach of Part II Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1986.

Mindful of its responsibilities under the Local Government Act, St Stephen Parish Council asks that the authenticity of any letters purporting to represent its views is verified with the Parish Clerk.

St Stephen Parish Council believes that Richard Curthoys is now fully aware of its Media Protocol and Code of Conduct. 

St Stephen Parish Council expects all of its councillors to work in a collegiate way with other elected members to support the needs of our community.