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Hedge Laying in Greenwood Park

This week, we have started a new project to lay a hedge along the boundary of Greenwood Park with the A414. The initial stage will be the first 50m or so. Hedge laying is a traditional craft that has been practised for centuries in the UK and the new hedge is being laid in the South of England style which is typical of our region. Feedback from our recent survey on the future of Greenwood Park called for improvement to the barrier between the dual carriageway and the Council is pleased to take action on this feedback as part of our woodland management plan.

Hedgerows provide a natural barrier and are an important habitat for wildlife and shelter for birds and small mammals. Healthy hedgerows are essential habitats for UK biodiversity, home to 80% of our woodland birds and supporting over 2,000 species such as hedgehogs, butterflies and several European Protected Species, including the dormouse.